Colton Rice records at Rad Dirt Records

Colton Rice began recording a new tune called "Girl I Used to Know" with Taylor Kimball from Rad Dirt Records. Taylor Kimball produced the latest album "Harold Saul High" from Texas artist, Koe Wetzel. 

Tyler and the Tribe - New Summer "HIT"

Tyler and the Tribe has released a new radio single called 'Sunset Two Step". It's a great summer tune that wrestles with deep, passionate love for a woman and for touring in a band. It's a songwriter's perspective on that balance manifested in desperate lines about the dance of a particular relationship as the responsibilities of a tour tug on the other end.

Colton Rice to the Big D Family.

Fort Worth's, Colton Rice adds Big D Management to team. Manager, Jared Darter says' "I'm excited to work with Colton and Hank to develop another house hold name. I'm excited to develop and grow this team together".

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